Elora Tarot and Witchery Festival

Well, who would have thought that the “pandammit”, would continue to rage into 2022?
We have cancelled the festival again this year. A learned friend told me that pandemics generally last three years, so let’s hope that Covid is in its death throes now, so that we can get on with the things that we love to do.
If you want a tarot and witchery fix, check out the Kingston Tarot and Lenormand Conference, November 12-14, 2021. 
This is a beautiful, cozy, weekend conference, hosted by the indomitable and talented Marilyn Shannon, diviner, teacher and reader extraordinaire, and an annual participant in our past Elora Tarot and Witchery Festivals.
May the seven directions bless you. May the ancestors protect you. May you find the strength and resilience required to weather the rest of this Covid storm.

Photo by Sophie Hogan

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