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Our own Tarot-pedia wiki-entry:

The Elora Tarot – 78 Card Deck – Concept & Coordinator: Shelley Carter was inspired by many things; travel, adventure, history, art, Tarot collaboration and a strong sense of community. It is also a beautiful, well-made set. The project coordinator Shelley Carter; a Tarot reader and art-history buff, had specific goals in mind when she decided to take on this challenge. 1. To create a meaningful, useable Tarot deck for readings and meditation. 2. A deck that would also serve as a mini art gallery showcasing the individual artists of her small community. 3. To also bring these creative individuals together for a unifying purpose that would create a cohesive and meaningful work as a whole. 4. Bring attention to the beauty and uniqueness of the idyllic village of Elora, where they all live and thrive.

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